DCAS has reduced total annual fuel use by 5.4 million gallons, or 18%. - Photo: NYCDCAS

DCAS has reduced total annual fuel use by 5.4 million gallons, or 18%. 


In 2015, during the Paris international climate meetings, New York City committed to reducing 50% of greenhouse gas emissions from the city's fleet by 2025 – commonly known as 50x25. 

This was codified in the NYC Clean Fleet Plan, and Executive Order 41 requires regular plan updates. DCAS published an update in 2021 and this week announced a second update that New York City will achieve 50x25 for the city's fleet ahead of schedule. 

The plan identified a three-part strategy to achieve 50x25 and reduce vehicle emissions: 

  1. Fleet Electrification: DCAS recently surpassed the 5,000 plug-in electric mark and the 2,000th electric charging station.
  2. Hybrids and Efficiencies: The fleet operates over 4,300 hybrids. Under Mayor Adams, DCAS reduced the fleet by 4%. DCAS has also implemented proper sizing, alternative power units for ambulances, and solar off-road equipment.
  3. Replace Fossil Diesel with Biofuels: The city first started using biodiesel in the fleet at NYC Parks in 2005. In November 2023, it was announced that all fleet equipment, on and off-road, emergency, and non-emergency, would use renewable diesel and biodiesel by June 30, completely replacing fossil diesel. That rollout is nearly complete, and NYC has already used over nine million gallons, or 56% of the annual fuel use, since September 2023.

Additional Reductions as Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Replace Older Units

Through fleet electrification and efficiencies, DCAS has already reduced total annual fuel use by 5.4 million gallons, or 18%, since FY13. Diesel fuel accounts for 60% of our total fuel use. The full transition of this fuel to biofuels will achieve over a 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the production cycle, enabling the fleet to achieve 50x25.

DCAS aims to implement an electric fleet by 2038.

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