ZEVX, an electric vehicle (EV) systems manufacturer, has launched OpenZEVX, an SaaS fleet management system designed for battery electric powertrains and e-mobility solutions. 

OpenZEVX is designed to help fleet managers optimize EV powertrains and charge systems to improve EV performance, range, and driver safety. The fleet managment system will also provide insights and dynamic control of vehicle systems to maximize battery performance and drive profile.

OpenZEVX is also meant to improve the total cost of ownership (TCO), as well as operational control and fidelity of fleet assets to maximize efficiencies at the depot level. OpenZEVX will be available in four packages, ZEVXdev, ZEVXpress, ZEVXpower, and ZEVXcommand.  


Key Features of ZEVXdev and ZEVXpress Together 

  • API Access: Third-party developers can access the data and functionality of their EV fleet management software through an Application Programming Interface (API), enabling integration with other software and tools. 
  • Telematics/Route Tracking: Real-time telematics data tracks the location, speed, and performance of EVs, providing fleet managers with insights for route planning and monitoring. 
  • Driver Performance Optimization: Services component offers fleet managers a range of performance optimization options, including eco-driving mode and regenerative braking. 
  • Vehicle Health Analysis & Recommendations: Monitors the health of the EV fleet, analyzing data to identify potential maintenance issues before they become critical. 
  • Monthly Performance Reporting: Detailed monthly reports provide fleet managers with performance metrics, including energy consumption, cost savings, and emissions reduction. 
  • Vehicle Charging Expense Reporting: Fleet managers can track and report the charging expenses of each vehicle, both within and outside of their facilities. 
  • Fleet Manager Mobile App: Allows fleet managers to remotely manage their fleet from anywhere. 
  • Predictive Service Reporting: Daily drive profile data analysis, error reporting, and dynamic course of action (COA) delivered to service team through portal. 
  • OTA Updates: Over-the-Air (OTA) service updates and enhancements, eliminates manual service calls to diagnose, resolve and flash onboard systems. 
  • Future Product Additions: Designed to integrate with future products and technologies, ensuring ongoing innovation and scalability. 

"We are thrilled to launch OpenZEVX, a rich fleet management system designed specifically for EV fleet assets," said Jim Maury, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer of ZEVX. "With OpenZEVX, we empower fleet managers to better optimize vehicle performance, enhance driver safety, reduce costs, and ultimately unlock the full potential of their energy transition to intelligent battery electric systems and remove toxic CO2 and NOX from fleet operations." 

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