The new SnowDogg SuperWing Plow offers moldboard width options from 8' to 11'.

The new SnowDogg SuperWing Plow offers moldboard width options from 8' to 11'.

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Buyers Products announced the release of its latest snowplow: the SnowDogg SuperWing Plow. It's designed to to clear heavy, wet snow in high-volume conditions. With a focus on flexibility, it offers moldboard width options from 8' to 11', according to a press release.

“We are excited to bring our new wing plow to market,” said Scott Moorman, director of snow and ice equipment at Buyers Products. “Due to the wide range of regional requirements, municipal products present a special challenge. Our SuperWing has been designed from the ground up with modular components to give our customers the right plow for the right application.”

How the SuperWing Plow Works

The SuperWing Plow specializes in clearing large amounts of heavy, wet snow, utilizing the flared ends of the tapered moldboard. The integral top channel of the plow incorporates a drain and provisions for wire routing. The SuperWing is built with 10-gauge, 304 stainless steel with a black powder-coated rear or 7-gauge carbon steel and orange TUFF-KOTE. Front, mid, and rear mount configurations are available.

The SnowDogg SuperWing Plow can be customized to fit customers' specific needs.

The plow will be available to purchase through SnowDogg dealers and distributors.

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