The Elwood, Indiana, Police Department will install bulletproof windshields to all of the cruisers in its fleet, after one of its officers was killed in the line of duty. Officer Noah Shahnavaz was shot and killed during a traffic stop on July 21. WRTV reports that the defendant shot the 24-year-old through the windshield of his patrol vehicle before he was even able to grab his weapon and react.

Elwood Police Chief Jason Brizendine told WRTV that the entire fleet of 17 patrol vehicles will be outfitted with the bulletproof windshields, after the city’s Board of Works and Public Safety unanimously approved the purchase earlier this week.

The purchase is being made through Dana Safety Supply. The process will take about 30 days to complete. The cost ranges from $1,800-$2,200, depending on the vehicle type.