EV Connect will help its partners simplify the process of implementing EV infrastructure for...

EV Connect will help its partners simplify the process of implementing EV infrastructure for their federal customers through its involvement in the GSA's Blanket Purchase Agreement for electric vehicle service equipment. 

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EV Connect has announced that its products and services are now included in the U.S. General Services Administration's (GSA) Blanket Purchase Agreement for federal acquisition of electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) and ancillary services.

Under the BPA and through its approved partners, government customers will be able to select EV Connect to acquire the EV infrastructure required to support the federal government's climate and fleet electrification objectives. EV Connect will help its partners simplify the process of implementing EV infrastructure for their federal customers by offering turnkey EV charging solutions encompassing charging stations, installation, site preparation, station activation, station management software, support, ongoing maintenance, and more, according to a press release.

"At EV Connect, we firmly believe it will take the collaboration of the entire industry to meet the Federal Government's ambitious goals for zero-emissions transportation and arresting climate change," said Scott Kaptur, director of federal sales at EV Connect. "It is through invaluable relationships like those with our partners on the GSA EVSE contract that we can streamline and simplify EV charging and better position ourselves to achieve widespread EV adoption across the nation."

The recently issued government-wide, $220 million EVSE BPA establishes a streamlined procurement process for the federal government to purchase EVSE. The GSA EVSE BPA encompasses Level 2 charging stations, DC Fast Chargers, site planning services, installation, smart charging software, and other EVSE-related solutions. The GSA has established 16 BPA-holders and multiple brands to guide agencies through consulting and support services that simplify the purchase process, reduce procurement time and associated costs, help businesses meet projected EVSE goals, and provide access to vendors that meet security and privacy requirements.

What EV Connect Offers

Through its EVC Partner Program, EV Connect customers can choose the charge station hardware that best suits their needs and gain access to real-world insights and aggregate data views to analyze charging station usage to enable network and station owners to make informed decisions about deployment, future planning for grid impacts, and direct charging infrastructure investments. The EV Connect platform also helps optimize EV charging site operations by letting owners use remote diagnostics to monitor station performance in near-real-time and customize alerts about when a charger experiences a fault, loss of communication, or other issues. The platform includes everything from localized to global enterprise monitoring and station management, advanced features such as demand response capabilities, load balancing technology to prevent overdraw, and a robust authentication and transaction processing system that ensures secure, authorized usage.

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