California City to Purchase EV Trucks, Cargo Vans

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The Pasadena (California) City Council authorized the city to purchase five electric Ford F-150 Lightning Trucks and two Electric -Transit Cargo Vans. The total will come to $366,484, according to a document given to the city council.

The council approved the purchase at its most recent meeting, according to Pasadena Now. The city is implementing a three-year fleet replacement plan meant to address its aging fleet. As part of the fleet replacement plan, six vehicles assigned to the Public Works, Fire, and Housing departments have been identified for replacement. Five Ford F-150 Lightning pickup trucks will be purchased for those departments, replacing internal combustion engine vehicles.

One truck will be used daily by the Public Works Department to transport shop staff to job site meetings and to perform electrical-related tenant improvements, preventive maintenance, site inspections, and other tasks. Two trucks will be used by the Housing Department for the city's Municipal Asissitance, Solutions, and Hiring program, which employs residents as maintenance and clerical trainees for the city. Two trucks will be used as shop trucks for two fire stations to support areas such as training, operations, and administration. They will also be assigned as ground support units during Rose Parade and Rose Bowl activities.

Two Ford E-Transit cargo vans will replace ICE vans in the city's fleet. One van will be used by the Public Works Department for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning-related installations, inspections, repairs, and maintenance. The second van will be used by the Transportation Department for parking enforcement staff to install, repair, and maintain parking meters across Pasadena.

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