The SK3000 is almost 10 inches narrower than a traditional skid steer with the same...

The SK3000 is almost 10 inches narrower than a traditional skid steer with the same capabilities, according to Ditch Witch.

Photo: Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch has been in the stand-on skid steer business for about 20 years and over that time, its customers have continued to ask for larger skid steer models with additional capabilities.

To answer those calls, the company produced what it says is the most powerful and largest Ditch Witch stand-on skid steer, the SK3000.

“The capability of this machine lines up with traditional-cab skid steers, but it’s still more compact than a traditional skid steer, and it’s almost 10 inches narrower...with the same capabilities,” said Brant Kukuk, who is compact equipment product manager for Ditch Witch. “It’s a full-size skid steer, but with a more compact footprint.”

The operator stands on the platform at the rear of the machine. Kukuk said the machine’s 360-degree visibility is a feature that would be of high interest to governments. It helps the operator avoid relying on back-up cameras.

With the open, standing operator station, operators can now step outside of the skid steer cab and gain a 360-degree view of the jobsite without a reduction in power needed for larger jobs. 

A 332-square-inch operator platform can help keep operators comfortable on the job.

The machine features an optional dual self-leveling kit to keep loads level as they are raised or lowered.

Stand-on Skid Steer Offers 360-Degree Visibility
Stand-on Skid Steer Offers 360-Degree Visibility
Advanced Hydraulic System

The machine’s hydraulic system can help boost job productivity. It features 8-, 14-, and 22-gallons-per-minute flow settings to help operators select the right flow for each job. The company said the 22-gallon-per-minute setting is a Ditch Witch exclusive.

Hydraulic-operated attachment pins provide a simplified process for swapping attachments, and operators don’t need to get off the machine to make the swaps.