The electric excavator produces no exhaust emisssions and is quieter than diesel machines.

The electric excavator produces no exhaust emisssions and is quieter than diesel machines.

Photo: Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment foresees the push for environmental sustainability to increase in the coming years, and off-road equipment is part of that.

The company’s ECR25 electric excavator and L25 electric wheel loader are its first commercially available electric compact machines. This article covers the excavator, and Volvo Construction Equipment Product Manager Lars Arnold said the product’s zero exhaust emissions are an obvious benefit to government agencies. He noted that local and state governments are leaders in setting clean air policies, and their fleets can help them accomplish their goals.

Additionally, certain jobsites must be quieter than others, and the quietness of the ECR25 electric excavator helps meet that need.

“You could even work outside a bedroom window and not cause problems,” Arnold said.

Lithium-Ion Batteries, Fast-Charge Options

Compared to its conventional counterparts, the ECR25 electric compact excavator features low noise levels, reduced energy costs, and low maintenance requirements.

The ECR25 mini excavator is fitted with lithium-ion batteries and one electric motor that replaces the diesel engine to power the hydraulics.

The batteries store a level of electric energy that is adequate to power the ECR25 for up to eight hours in its most common applications. Utility work would be an example of one of those applications.

The ECR25’s onboard charger enables overnight charging adaptable to conventional household electrical systems. An off-board fast charger could also be used to charge both machines. The charger would require a three-phase outlet.

The fast-charge options allow the ECR25 to be at 80% power within one hour of charge time.

Volvo Construction Equipment said the performance level of the ECR25 is similar to its conventional diesel equivalent, offering the same performance in more efficient, environmentally-friendly machines.