A longer-range lithium-ion battery allows the  E-Z-Go Elite to have lower operating costs.

A longer-range lithium-ion battery allows the  E-Z-Go Elite to have lower operating costs.

Photo: Textron

Capitalizing on the technology of its E-Z-Go Elite vehicles, Textron Specialized Vehicles launched its Hauler 800 Elite electric utility vehicle, powered by Samsung SDI lithium equipment.

This year, Textron is expanding charger and range options to its Elite lithium battery technology, said Matt Zaremba, director of strategy for E-Z-Go and Cushman at Textron Specialized Vehicles.

A new charger on the vehicles features a bright and simplified indicator light that tells a user the battery is charging, how close it is to being finished, and when it is finished.

It is also Textron’s first technology that allows multiple chargers to be plugged into a single circuit.

“It’s a big enabler for government users to charge multiple cars on an existing charging infrastructure or outlet,” Zaremba said. He described the Elite lithium battery as a showcase technology for Textron Specialized Vehicles, which includes brands such as Cushman, Jacobsen, and Tug Technologies.

When the company launched the Elite battery about four years ago in its E-Z-Go golf carts, it performed well in the areas of reliability, environmental friendliness, and low cost of operation. Therefore, Textron felt  continuing the same product development for Cushman products was a natural progression.

Textron touts the Hauler 800 Elite’s small footprint, which delivers low impact on grass, allows users to operate more confidently on sidewalks near pedestrians, and can be driven through double doors to deliver goods directly to the destination.

Backed by a five-year battery warranty, the Hauler 800 Elite costs about 2 cents per mile in electricity to operate and is almost maintenance cost-free. The battery does not require watering, terminal post checkups, or cleaning like that required of traditional lead-acid batteries, meaning  the vehicle will require less maintenance and spend more time working.