The Cobb County, Georgia, Fleet Maintenance Division is making use of the “Officer Protection Package” on its Dodge Charger Pursuit Sheriff’s Office vehicles. This package is designed to keep an eye out for deputies when they are otherwise preoccupied, either by talking with someone, filling out reports, or checking out their dispatches.

Scott Misico, supervisior, Fleet Management, says the system alerts officers when someone is approaching from the vehicle's blindspot when they are parked and working on a laptop or are otherwise distracted. The system chimes, turns on the vehicle's rear-view camera, and flashes the brake lights for better visibility around the vehicle. It also rolls up the front windows and locks the doors to keep the officer safe from being ambushed.

"Any technology we can come up with that will help keep our officers and deputies safe is absolutely the way we should be going," said Craig Owens, Cobb County Sheriff.

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