A California Air Resources Board executive order affirms the environmental soundness of...

A California Air Resources Board executive order affirms the environmental soundness of Booster's mobile fueling service.

Booster announced March 2 the passage of an executive order by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the first time in more than 20 years the California regulator has certified a new method of air pollution control for gasoline dispensing. The order acknowledges mobile fueling technology achieves the nation's strictest air quality standards.

The CARB order creates an official certification for cleaner, more efficient, and lower-emission delivery technology. The system Booster uses reduces emissions and nearly eliminates spillage caused during fuel transfers and storage, while gas stations could be causing evaporative losses of as much as seven gallons per day, according to the company.

Local regulators have struggled to apply the antiquated regulatory conventions of traditional brick and mortar gas stations to on-demand mobile service. Meanwhile, supporters highlight the environmental benefits, accessibility to persons with disabilities, and improved safety of contactless service for communities in times of contagious disease. In comparison, gas station operations have been cited for their potential disease-spread due to high-touch public surfaces.

The CARB order is one of a series of regulatory actions taken around the country in recent years on the topic of mobile fueling. In 2020, the cities of Seattle and Dallas lifted barriers to the industry. Last spring, the nation's capital also permitted Booster Fuels. Demand for contactless mobile fueling has also shot up as consumers and businesses observe shelter-in-place guidelines in response to the coronavirus crisis.

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