Caterpillar’s 313 and 313 GC excavators include safety features such as the ability for users to...

Caterpillar’s 313 and 313 GC excavators include safety features such as the ability for users to perform ground-­level maintenance. 

Photo: Caterpillar

Caterpillar has introduced two new 13-ton excavator models, one that offers high technology and performance and another that provides dependable performance and low owning and operating costs.

The company released the first model, its 313 next-generation excavator for users needing increased power, featuring standard Caterpillar technologies that can increase operator efficiencies by up to 45%.

The other model, the 313 GC, features lower maintenance costs, and Caterpillar product applications specialist Brian Stellbrink said that model is a good fit for governmental operations because of its low owning costs, a relatively low price, and fuel efficiency.

“We’ve cut maintenance costs 10 to 15% from our prior generation,” Stellbrink said. “It certainly lowers operating costs and overall lifecycle costs in the government environment.”

313 Technology

The 313 excavator features an on-board scale system to help users avoid fines resulting from an overloaded vehicle. It also includes a grade system, which automatically guides depth, slope, and horizontal distance to help users reach a desired grade.

Additionally, eFence allows users to set boundary conditions when working along roadways or underneath power lines.

Safety, Comfort Features

The 313 and 313 GC allow users to perform ground-level maintenance and daily inspection so the operator no longer needs to perform those tasks at the top platform of the machine.

A new, larger cab is also available for 313 and 313 GC operators, and the cab features improved ingress/egress for greater comfort and productivity. The Cat comfort cab comes standard on the 313 GC, and the Cat deluxe cab on the 313.