Bullseye Quickgroom 700  -  Photo: Toro

Bullseye Quickgroom 700

Photo: Toro

Toro has introduced a new product line of grass and turf maintenance equipment. Branded under the Bullseye product name, the new lineup includes grooming, cleaning, and de-compacting solutions for synthetic turf managers — in addition to brushes, cultivation, renovation, and seeding solutions for those maintaining any type of natural grass.

The Bullseye QuickGroom 550, QuickGroom 700, and QuickGroom 710 can all be configured as towable brushes, ideal for grooming all turf. They’re lightweight and easy to pull, and the brushes feature long-lasting bristles that are aggressive enough to stand up leaf blades and turf fibers or incorporate topdressing and infill materials, yet soft enough to minimize plant stress and turf wear. 

The FieldCombo 770, FieldClean 580, FieldMagnet 600, FieldFill 660 and FieldSweep 660 provide ways to groom, clean, and de-compact synthetic turf fields. The Bullseye lineup has a tool to complete any of the three primary field maintenance tasks, and with the available accessories to choose from, their versatility can be expanded to suit specific needs.

The remaining Bullseye products provide natural grass solutions. The AccuraSeed 620 slit seeder and the RapidSeed 430 and 590 dimple seeders provide efficient seeding options for property managers. The RotaQuake 630 linear aerator has strong, tapered steel blades that create cracks and fissures up to 10 inches deep for beneficial air, water, and nutrient movement as well as root development with minimal surface disruption. The standard blade set on the Bullseye NuSurface 470 and 790 turf renovation tools allows customers to fraise or flail mow and clean up the debris, all in a single-pass operation. A single-pass verti-cut and cleanup can also be performed following a simple blade change.

All products will be available for delivery later in spring of 2021.