New decals  -  Photo: Nye County Sheriff's Office

New decals

Photo: Nye County Sheriff's Office

The Nye County, Nevada, Sheriff has changed its police fleet markings to reduce vehicle costs, the Sheriff outlined in a Facebook post. 

The change began more than a year ago, when the Sheriff’s Office purchased 20 used patrol vehicles. The old decals were large and ran from the taillights to the headlights of both sides of the vehicle. When a vehicle sustained damage to the fender, the entire decal had to be changed out at a cost of $1,150.

The new markings are smaller and placed on the doors, so when a fender is damaged, the decal remains intact. Additionally, the smaller decals only cost $588.

The change has already saved the Sheriff’s Office $563 per vehicle for the initial upfit, or $11,750 for 20 vehicles. The money saved remains in the capital expenses budget for other departments to use.

Old decals  -  Photo: Nye County Sheriff's Office

Old decals

Photo: Nye County Sheriff's Office

“During my term I have been looking for ways to save money without cutting services or resources. Changing these markings is another innovative way to accomplishing that,” Sheriff Sharon Wehrly stated.

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