The MaxJax portable two-post lift is ideal for light trucks and SUVs in tight places.   -  Photo: BendPak

The MaxJax portable two-post lift is ideal for light trucks and SUVs in tight places. 

Photo: BendPak

BendPak Inc. is rolling out the new MaxJax M6K portable two-post lift. MaxJax provides clear undercarriage access and the ability to perform brake and tire work on a wide range of vehicles.

Unlike traditional two-post lifts, the MaxJax can be used in areas with ceilings as low as eight feet and can be put away when the work is done, leaving the garage bay clear. This makes it a great fit for use at home, as well as in dealerships and shops that want to add a lift to a flat bay for quick service as needed.

BendPak added two additional safety lock positions to the columns, for a total of seven. The rugged locks engage continuously during upward rise and act as a redundant fail-safe feature capable of holding an elevated vehicle securely even if the quick-connect hoses are disconnected or a hydraulic malfunction occurs.

Engineers also reconfigured the UHMW slide block bearings in the lift posts to maintain the carriage and hydraulic cylinder in a true vertical position at all times and reduce bearing load for smoother operation.

BendPak had the new MaxJax M6K independently tested and ALI Certified to meet the current lift industry safety and performance standard. This is a critical step skipped by many manufacturers selling lifts for home use.

MaxJax’s new gunmetal gray powder coat is smoother, more durable, and more corrosion-resistant than the textured black paint used in the past, according to BendPak.

The wheels on the lift columns and the power cart have been significantly upgraded to provide effortless mobility even over rough surfaces. A new rear-mounted storage bin on the power cart keeps the hoses neatly organized when not in use, and quick-disconnect, self-sealing couplers minimize hydraulic fluid leaks.

Special flush-mounted concrete anchors are installed in the garage floor and remain there permanently to enable MaxJax to go from storage to ready-to-use in as little as 15 minutes. The column baseplate and rear-mounted anchors were extended outward an inch and a half, dramatically reducing anchor bolt pull-out tension.

The MaxJax M6K’s 6,000-pound lifting capacity can handle most cars, light trucks, and SUVs. With a lifting height of 46 inches or 49 inches with adapters, it raises vehicles high enough to provide ample workspace underneath for virtually any undercar service including drivetrain and suspension work. MaxJax even offers a reclining creeper seat that easily converts from a low-profile creeper to a fully upright seat, allowing users to work under a lifted vehicle in extreme comfort.

Originally posted on Work Truck Online