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What’s Your Backup Plan?

Despite all leading-edge technology and bleeding-edge regulations that are being thrust upon the fleet market, there is a gaping hole in many fleet plans. What to do when a vehicle, or a whole bunch of vehicles, are suddenly not available?

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Electronic Pressure Regulator

Landi Renzo USA's electronic pressure regulator (EPR) provides electronic control of optimal output pressure depending on specific engine and/or ambient conditions.

Tier 4 Vehicles to Trickle Into Off-Road Fleets

While Tier 4 equipment is still new, fleets can get ready to incorporate them by training technicians for the new technology and budgeting for the higher cost.

California to Regulate Self-Driving Cars

As mandated by legislation passed in 2012, the California DMV had to develop regulations for manufacturer testing of self-driving cars on the state's public roads. That process included holding public workshops that sought feedback on proposed rules. Here is a CNN report that aired back in January. For an update, click here.

Staying on Track with Off-Road Regulations

Off-road regulations can be difficult to navigate. Typically, compliance dates for federal standards vary by engine horsepower, but on the state level they can vary by fleet size, too.

Equipment Manufacturers Weigh in on Final Tier 4 Emissions Regulations

Manufacturers are progressive toward the deadlines for Final Tier 4 emissions requirements for off-highway vehicles. Here, they talk about their plans for compliance and how it will affect fleets.

Not Covered by FMCSA Regs? Think Again

Many government fleet managers will say they are exempt from Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) regulations governing truck weight limits and other safety regulations. This is definitely true for emergency vehicles, snow and ice control equipment, or other public safety applications. However, government fleets are not exempt from operating a safe vehicle as defined by FMCSA regs.