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Northwest Utilities Band Together for Benchmarking Initiative

The Pacific Northwest Utility Fleet Managers Association is open to both public and private fleets. The Association's biggest project is a benchmarking study that will allow members to effectively compare their operations.

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Seattle Maximizes Technology to Improve Operations

Today’s technology can provide a number of advantages, but only when used as intended and to maximum potential. By identifying how to fully utilize its information technology system, the City of Seattle was able to increase efficiency in its operations and achieve savings.

Liability Risk for Government Fleet Organizations Under Current Law

Most people no longer bat an eye when hearing about multimillion dollar damage awards to punish companies for an employee’s negligent acts. However, what are the liability concerns for a public sector fleet manager?

Converging Trends to Reconfigure Light-Duty Vehicle Composition of Public Sector Fleets

Multiple trends are converging that will ultimately reconfigure the future composition of light-duty fleet assets. A new era of police packages will commence with the 2012-MY. The ongoing mandates to acquire more "carbon friendly" vehicles necessitates the acquisition of more non-traditional fleet vehicles. Another converging trend is the embryonic emergence of greater numbers of EVs and PHEVs in future fleet service. The implications of these changes are far-reaching.

Public Sector Fleet 'Green' Leaders

The Environmental Leadership Awards recognize individuals whose commitment and vision yielded significant eco-responsible initiatives.

Public Sector Fleet Managers Work Under a Microscope

At one time, there was anonymity in being a public sector fleet manager - no more. All this changed with increased fuel costs, emission-reduction mandates, liability issues, new regulations, and escalated productivity demands, along with ongoing personnel, vehicle, and maintenance costs. Computerization of fleet data has created easy accessibility to this data, which facilitates scrutiny of fleet operations.

Public Sector Fleet Managers Reveal Likes & Dislikes About Their Jobs

Most in public sector fleet management find it to be a very rewarding career, but the job is increasingly filled with new challenges, many of them unprecedented. I asked fleet managers, on a confidential basis, whether they still find their jobs to be fun in wake of the turmoil the industry has experienced in the past 12 months (and still unfolds into the present day). Here are their responses.

Taking the Pulse of Public Sector Fleet Management

The past few months have given me the opportunity to talk "fleet" with a large number of public sector fleet managers at the GFX and NAFA conferences. These conversations have allowed me to take the pulse of public sector fleet management. Based on my conversations, here what's on the minds of government fleet managers.

31 Compete for 2009 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year

A record field of 31 nominees are competing for the 2009 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year award. The award, in its 5th year, is sponsored by ARI and Fleet Counselor Services. The winner will be announced April 26 at the NAFA Institute & Expo in New Orleans.

2009 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year Award Nominations

In its 5th year, GF’s Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year award, sponsored by ARI, recognizes outstanding achievements by government fleet professionals.