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Guest Editorial: How to Be a Top Public Sector Fleet Manager

Each year, Government Fleet magazine conducts a competition for the Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year. In reading this year's applications, As a judge, Steve Kibler found a wealth of information regarding best practices that should be shared with every fleet manager.

Taking Fleet Productivity to the Next Level

“Productivity” is a word bandied about in business all the time, but what is it? How is it measured and achieved? In 2011, fleet managers have little choice but to answer these questions.

You’re Only as Good as Your Staff

The primary job of a public sector fleet manager is managing assets and the services provided to user departments. However, as every fleet manager can attest, as much as 60 percent of the work week is consumed by personnel management. In many respects, people management (staff and interdepartmental) is harder than asset management.

Bright Ideas: Productivity/Staffing

San Antonio Water Systems completed quality of life initiatives to increase staff productivity. Other government fleets used a training matrix, created learning and networking opportunities, installed internet in shop waiting areas, and started a youth internship program.

Calculating Mechanic Staffing Requirements

Public sector fleet managers often struggle with determining appropriate mechanic staffing levels. Quantifying labor demand and supply and accounting for individual fleet operations can provide the answers.

How to Defuse Driver Resistance to GPS

A GPS system can be a useful fleet management tool. However, the system must be properly introduced to employees to promote their acceptance and cooperation.