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Maintenance Management

RX14 Scissor Lift

The RX14 features a low-profile design. Fully Integrated Alignment speeds alignment service by 60% with a synchronized aligner and lift rack.

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W.V. City Opens New Fleet Facility

The City of Moundsville, W.Va., has a new facility that is large enough to accommodate the city’s four garbage trucks and two rooms for employees. It also has drains set into the floor that are hooked up to the wash station.

New Fleet Facility Keeps Utah Technicians Indoors

Technicians at the City of Provo, Utah, appreciate the city’s new $4.8 million fleet facility — it keeps them inside when working on vehicles, which is especially important during freezing cold winters and scorching summer heat.

IdlePro Extreme Alternator for Fire Trucks

Optimized for fire truck applications, the IdlePro Extreme 12V, 420-amp heavy-duty alternator is engineered to deliver output at low-engine speeds to keep vehicles running longer.

Geoliner 630 Wheel Aligner

Utilizing advanced imaging technology, the geoliner 630 provides accurate, real time measurements that generate serious productivity benefits at an economical price point.

M12 Compact Tire Inflator

Milwaukee's M12 compact cordless tire inflator has the ability to top off a car tire in under one minute, according to the company.

Heavy-Duty Tire Changer

Hunter's new tire changer is made to service tires for trucks, tractors, and other heavy-duty equipment. New features include a hydraulic shuttle for the tool arm and standard skidder clamp.

Opti-Cal Calipers

The Opti-Cal line of calipers features all-new components to ensure they fit and function correctly. The zinc finish provides all-weather protection and inhibits rust.

Delvac 1 Heavy-Duty Engine Oils

The Mobil Delvac 1 synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oil lineup includes three products that meet the American Petroleum Institute’s CK-4 or FA-4 specifications.

Tech Pro Link Diagnostics Tool

With one scan, a service technician is given immediate access to maintenance, faults, settings, and sensors from the home screen.