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Maintenance Management

Ind. City to Bring Maintenance In House

Bringing maintenance in house is expected to save the City of Fort Wayne, Ind., nearly $350,000 per year.

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Ind. Council Approves $6M for Garage

Bartholomew (Ind.) County Council approved a $6 million bond for a new highway garage. Currently, vehicles are maintained at a 66-year-old facility.

La. Officials Debate Car Wash Facility

One Port Allen (La.) council member stated that cleanliness won’t affect whether the vehicles run, and a water hose should be adequate.

Rotary R544 ProTruck Wheel Balancer for Heavy-Duty Trucks

Rotary’s R544 ProTruck 2D Heavy-Duty Wheel Balancer is a versatile commercial truck balancer capable of handling large jobs.

John Bean B340 Enhances Wheel Balancing

Two operators can use this wheel balancer at once, and the machine offers an accurate reading on the first run.

Mid-Torque Impact Wrench Offers Versatility

Milwaukee Tool has introduced a new 3/8-inch version of its Mid-Torque Impact Wrench that delivers up to 450 lb.-ft. of fastening torque and 600 lb.-ft. of nut-busting torque.

Heavy-Duty Tilt Back Changer Handles Larger Tires

The new Snap-on Heavy-Duty Tilt Back Tire Changer features a unique tower that tilts back to speed setup and accommodate 16-inch rim clearances.

Worn Tires Decrease Handling on Wet Roads Up to 33%

On wet roads, worn tires with a tread depth of 4/32 inch have an average increased stopping distance of 87 feet for a passenger car and 86 feet for a light truck when compared with new tires, according to a recent study from AAA.

W.Va. County Contracts Transit Authority for Fleet Maintenance

Berkeley County, W.Va., is handing over preventive and light fleet maintenance to the Eastern Panhandle Transit Authority.

Hunter's Scissor Lift Features Low-Profile Design

The RX14 features a low-profile design. Fully Integrated Alignment speeds alignment service by 60% with a synchronized aligner and lift rack.