BREMERTON, WA – The City of Bremerton, Wash.,’s Auditor Gary Nystul issued a report that says the City needs to improve how it tracks and monitors fuel spending. The report noted that although Bremerton’s Equipment Services Division administers the City’s fuel contract and handles billing, it doesn’t have the authority or responsibility to monitor or analyze fuel use and purchases.

The report also found that manual entries of fuel purchases contained errors, which makes accurate fuel tracking difficult. In addition, the report noted that the fire department’s fuel monitoring system is out of date and does not download data to the fuel management page on the “CobbWebb” website the City uses.

To improve the accuracy of fuel cost and use, the auditor’s report recommended that all City departments need a fuel management system in place; that management should establish an overall fuel monitoring policy; and that managers need sufficient data to monitor fuel use, for example ensuring that fire department fuel data is downloaded to the fuel system.

By Greg Basich