WASHINGTON – U.S. federal agencies released their reports from the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) about whether they met a range of sustainability goals for 2011. The OMB issued "scorecards" for each agency, detailing whether it met a given goal.

The goals are detailed in Executive Order 13514, where President Obama directed federal agencies to meet energy, water, pollution, and waste reduction targets. Two areas the executive order focuses on are fleet petroleum use and greenhouse gas emissions.

In this first installment, Government Fleet magazine took a look at each agency’s OMB scorecard to find out whether each agency met one of two goals. The first goal, for a “green” score, is a 12% reduction in petroleum use compared with 2005 and being on track to meet a 20% reduction by 2015. The second goal, which is a “yellow” score, is to achieve at least a 10% reduction compared with 2005.

Out of 24 agencies, 13 got a “green” score and are on track to meet their 20% reduction in petroleum use by 2015; nine agencies are not on track; and the OMB did not report information for two agencies. Also, seven agencies saw an increase in fuel economy when compared with 2005.

The chart below details the specific decreases (or increases) for each agency. In the next installment, Government Fleet will take a look at whether these agencies are on track to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. This is the second time federal agencies have publicly released sustainability information related to the goals set in the executive order.

Federal AgencyPetroleum Use Performance (compared to 2005)On Track for 20% Reduction by 2015?
Dept. of Commerce 16.2% decrease Yes
Dept. of Defense 13.4% decrease Yes
Dept. of Education 99.8% increase No
Dept. of Energy 5.2% decrease No
Dept. of Health and Human Services 28.8% decrease Yes
Dept. of Homeland Security 261% increase No
Dept. of Housing and Urban Development 78.7% decrease Yes
Dept. of Justice 26.2% decrease Yes
Dept. of Labor 12.3% decrease Yes
Dept. of State 15.5% decrease Yes
Dept. of the Interior 14% decrease Yes
Dept. of the Treasury 61% decrease Yes
Dept. of Transportation 4.9% decrease No
Dept. of Veterans Affairs 6.5% increase No
Environmental Protection Agency 32.7% decrease Yes
General Services Administration 25.6% decrease Yes
National Aeronautics and Space Administration 18.7% decrease Yes
National Archives and Records Administration 18.6% increase No
Office of Personnel Management 81.9% increase No
Smithsonian Institution Not Available NA
Social Security Administration 34.7% decrease Yes
Tennessee Valley Authority 8.1% increase No
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 14.3% increase No
U.S. Postal Service Not Available NA

By Greg Basich