STOCKTON, CA – San Joaquin County released its Environmentally Preferable Purchasing annual report for 2011, part of the County's “green” purchasing policy adopted in 2008. One fleet achievement included a cost avoidance of $725,000 through the implementation of a motor pool system, achieved through reduced fleet size, cost of maintenance, and vehicle replacement.

Other fleet achievements include the maintennance of 25 percent of departmental vehicles as hybrids and proposal to replace another 20 gasoline vehicles with hybrids annually over the next three years. The fleet expects a Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) will offset the cost difference. Additionally, the fleet also maintains two bi-fuel CNG/gasoline vehicles, 31 CNG vehicles, and two dedicated electric vehicles. The fleet has ordered two additionally EVs (a Nissan Leaf and a Chevrolet Volt), purchased with partial grant funding, for testing. It also plans on adding two charging stations to the “downtown garage.”

The fleet expects to save $12,000 in electronic utilities due to lamp replacement in the fleet shop, purchased through a PG&E rebate. With initial cost of $3,000, the expected ROI (return on investment) is three months. The fleet has also proposed using propane as an alternative fuel for pickups.

Download the full PDF of the report here.