TORRANCE, CA – Each year the editors at Government Fleet like to take a look back at the top stories of the year. Two of the top stories were the results on the 100 Best Fleets list for 2011.

With Ford no longer manufacturing the Crown Victoria, public-sector fleets across the U.S. are putting a lot of thought into the next law enforcement vehicles they plan to buy, shown by the popularity of articles related to police vehicles.

Another popular story this year was about the City of San Diego’s fleet services operations being in managed competition. Although we reported on the initial story in February 2011, the issue was finally resolved in October.

Following are the most-read stories, based on our web analytics:

1-'100 Best Fleets' Complete Rankings for 2011 Announced

2-2011 Government Fleet '100 Best Fleets' Announced

3-2012 Police Vehicles Reach 150 mph at Michigan Tests

4-Beyond the Crown Vic: Michigan State Police to Test 19 Vehicles for 2012

5-NYC Sanitation Dept. Truck Crashes Through Third Floor Wall of Repair Shop

6-City of San Diego Fleet Functions Out for Bid

7-Police Officers Test Drive Ford Interceptor

8-Tennessee Dept. of General Services Outsources Fleet Maintenance

9-Michigan State Police Department Publishes 2012 Test Report

10-City of San Diego’s Fleet Services Division Wins Managed Competition