TULSA, OK – As part of Tulsa’s fleet right-sizing effort, the City held an auction on Nov. 5, 2011 for vehicles, equipment, and other property it had identified as surplus. The City said the auction brought in more than $800,000 and resulted in the sale of 133 vehicles, according to a City news release.

Some of the vehicles sold were identified in the audit conducted by CST Fleet Services, which recommended reducing the fleet’s size by 568 vehicles.

The City stated that although it normally holds two surplus property auctions annually, it may hold an additional vehicle auction before the next property auction, which is scheduled for the spring of 2012. More vehicles identified by CST are planned for sale at this possible upcoming auction.

In terms of additional savings, Tulsa’s news release said the fleet reduction will result in savings of $2.2 million in originally planned capital spending for vehicle replacements. In addition, the City said it expects to save $5 million over the next five years.

The City stated that revenue from the surplus property sales goes to the general fund but that the sale of items purchased through enterprise funds are returned to those funds, for example funds for operating the City’s water and sewer systems.

To improve the auction process, Tulsa’s Purchasing Agent Larry Hood said the City hopes to have real-time, online bidding in place for the next auction. A total of 1,103 bidders registered for the Nov. 5 auction.

The City also unveiled a sustainability plan at the Green Fleet Conference earlier this year.