LAS CRUCES, NM – The City of Las Cruces, N.M., has reduced its fleet by a total of 251 vehicles and pieces of equipment. This right-sizing effort is part of an effort to identify efficiencies and cost savings, according to the City, and constitutes a 23 percent reduction in the fleet's size (it was roughly 1,100 assets before).

The City’s Fleet Maintenance Manager Don Haskins took a two-phase approach to eliminate vehicles. The City found that some vehicles were in place for the sake of convenience rather than need and the ROI for them was minimal. The City established motor pools to offset the impact of eliminating vehicles, for employees in City Hall and for those who work in police units. A separate pool of 12 police cars is maintained for when officers need them. The vehicles eliminated were either general service vehicles or law enforcement vehicles used primarily for special assignments.

The City found ways to share its trucks, trailers, and other specialized equipment among departments. The City also removed vehicles from its inventory used by the South Central Solid Waste Authority and the METRO Narcotics agency because they are non-general fund and separate operations.