ELGIN, IL - The City of Elgin Council approved a resident-written Sustainability Action Plan consisting of 108 'greening' objectives, including studying the effectiveness of alternative fuel vehicles in the City fleet.

Fleet-related objectives include tracking the effectiveness of alt-fuel vehicles within the municipal fleet and encouraging the use of alt-fuel and hybrid vehicles. Tracked results would be used to guide fleet-related decisions. In addition, the plan recommends the creation of an idling policy to reduce idling within the municipal fleet.

According to the plan, the City has been using B-10 biodiesel fuel in its entire diesel fleet since 2005, in units ranging from snow plows to street sweepers. The City has had no issues regarding biodiesel use and plans to continue doing so. Elgin also uses eight hybrid vehicles in its fleet.

To oversee plan implementation, the City is establishing a standing Sustainability Commission comprised of residents, according to the City website.