With fleet management becoming more data-driven every day, the challenge for fleet managers is not how to acquire fleet-related data but how to manage and use it. In this article on Government Fleet’s Fleet Toolbox, we’ll cover fleetANALYZE, the reporting and analysis tool that comes with this web-based fleet management application.

The first area of fleetANALYZE allows you to upload and save data. You can add large amounts of data by uploading information in Excel spreadsheets or use the built-in data uploading options to enter it directly. fleetANALYZE's main function, though, allows you to generate a number of reports based on the types of data listed above. The reports you can create include the following:

  • Facility size requirements
  • Vehicle replacement calculations
  • Activity-based costing
  • Staffing analysis
  • Vehicle replacement comparison
  • Facility burdened rates
  • Rental rates calculations
  • Downtime standards

Access to fleetANALYZE is two-tiered. A Premium account gives you access to two different calculators, and a Professional account gives you access to everything fleetANALYZE has to offer (not to mention everything else offered as part of fleetTOOLBOX).

A Premium account costs $395 per year (for a fleet with 499 or fewer vehicles) or $795 per year (for a fleet with 500-plus vehicles). A Professional account, which provides access to all of Fleet Toolbox's fleetANALYZE and fleetPLAN tools, costs $595 per year (for fleets with 499 vehicles or fewer) or $1,195 (for fleets with 500-plus vehicles). You can also sign up for free to get access to Fleet Toolbox’s fleetSHARE and fleetDOCS tools.

You can sign up for access to either the free or paid levels of Fleet Toolbox here.