Here at Government Fleet we recently launched a new online suite of tools called Fleet Toolbox that’s designed to help public-sector fleet managers face today’s challenges. To give you a little more insight into what Fleet Toolbox has to offer, we’re going to be running a series of short articles on the toolset and how you can use it.

Fleet Toolbox features five main sections: fleetSHARE, fleetDOCS, both of which are free to use, fleetCOMPARE, fleetANALYZE, and fleetPLAN.

Here’s a brief overview of what each section provides. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll cover each section in more depth.

fleetSHARE – fleetSHARE is free to use , and gives you access to a closed social network that only fleet managers have access to. This tool gives you the opportunity to network with your public-sector fleet peers, find innovative solutions to your challenges, and share your successes. You can register for a free, Lite subscription here.

fleetDOCS – This area of Fleet Toolbox is also free to use and provides you with a database that contains more than 700 usable fleet documents, such as RFP templates, job specs, manuals, and more. fleetDOCS only requires a free, Lite-level subscription.

fleetCOMPARE – fleetCOMPARE provides you with benchmarking tools that help you compare your operation’s salaries, replacement cycles, inventories, and more. Access to fleetCOMPARE requires an annual paid subscription at the Premium level.

fleetANALYZE – This robust toolset within Fleet Toolbox gives you access to a range of different calculators, including the following: Downtime Standards, Facility Size Requirements, Vehicle Replacement, Activity Based Costing, Staffing Analysis, Vehicle Replacement Comparison, Facility Burdened Rates, and a Line Item Budget Tool. You can use these 8 calculators to analyze fleet data, plan your budget, and perform competitive analysis against industry standards. Access to fleetANALYZE requires a paid subscription at one of two levels, Premium or Professional.

fleetPLAN – Beyond access to many fleet-related documents, Fleet Toolbox also provides a library of 1,200-plus pages of detailed plans outlining step-by-step solutions to common fleet challenges. Access to fleetPLAN requires a paid, Premium-level subscription.

In the next item about Fleet Toolbox we’ll cover the free fleetSHARE in-depth. Stay tuned.