SACRAMENTO, CA – Government Fleet magazine contacted the California Department of General Services about the recent facilities closures. We wanted to find out how many employees are affected by the closures and how these closures fit into the overall fleet reduction plan for the State of California.

“There are 26 active employees who will be given priority hiring status and additional job training if necessary to secure alternate positions within the State,” said Eric Lamoreux, Acting Deputy Director, Department of General Services. “At this time a determination of any potential staff reductions is unknown as the closures are not scheduled to take place until later this year.”

As for the specifics regarding by how many vehicles these facilities closures will reduce the size of the State fleet, DGS said it won’t know until it reallocates them. According to DGS, after the closures, it will have one remaining fleet garage facility in Sacramento.

“The Department of General Services is working to achieve the goals laid out in Executive Order B-2-11 which call for the elimination of all non-essential and cost-inefficient vehicles," Lamoreux said. "DGS will relocate all remaining vehicles to the Sacramento garage and eliminate any high mileage vehicles. Once the closures and relocations take place, DGS will be able to make a determination of how many vehicles will be eliminated.” 

By Greg Basich