SAN DIEGO – At Government Fleet Expo and Conference the show opened on Tuesday with the keynote address presentation. Government Fleet magazine's Publisher Eric Bearly kicked off the keynote by announcing the formation of a new organization called the Government Fleet Management Alliance, which will offer a new certification program for fleet operations. After this announcement, Gordon Smith from show sponsor AssetWorks introduced Dravecky.

Dravecky was a baseball player, a left-handed pitcher, for the San Diego Padres who lost his left arm and shoulder to cancer. He told his story and his experiences as a professional baseball player, how he dealt with cancer and the eventual amputation of his arm and shoulder. The talk addressed the challenges he had as an amputee and how he learned to love other types of athletic pursuits, such as skiing and fishing.

Throughout the talk he discussed how the challenges he faced led him to question his worth as a person because he couldn’t play baseball anymore. He said he discovered that what matters most are the relationships he has with other people. In the journey of life, it’s not about what could have been but what is and making the most of it.

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