CAPE CORAL, FL - The City of Cape Coral issued a request for information (RFI) from private companies to provide information on ways to improve fleet maintenance operations for the City’s 600 cars and trucks.

“We are reaching out to our local automotive service shops about possibly outsourcing some of the light maintenance services for our City fleet,” said City Manager Gary King.  “We want to see if there are cost savings or efficiencies that can be provided by the private sector.”

The light maintenance work for the vehicles and small equipment would include preventive maintenance (oil/filter/lube/inspection), engine repairs, collision repair, and towing service.  The City may consider maintenance services for police vehicles and trucks larger than one ton as separate categories.

“We encourage our local auto garages and mechanics to review the ‘RFI’ and submit information,” said King. “If we choose to outsource these services, our preference is to keep the work in the Cape.”