REDMOND, WA – The City of Redmond has selected a new fleet management software application. The City’s General Government Fleet Division and Fire Fleet Division provide centralized fleet management services for more than 300 rolling stock and 150 pieces of equipment. They provide fleet specification and acquisition assistance, fueling, and maintenance.

The city’s rolling stock and apparatus range from heavy-duty to light-duty equipment, including sedans, public safety vehicles, Vactor trucks, and large mowers. Additionally, the General Government Fleet manages an inventory of repair parts and supplies, and operates a motor pool service for the city.

The software application from AssetWorks, called FleetFocus, can increase the capability of staff to track vehicle and equipment costs from purchasing to disposal, including all maintenance costs; record mechanics’ services in performing work and timeliness based on standard published repair times; identify lifecycle costs of vehicles/equipment; and track expenses to manage internal resource allocation and commercial charges, the company stated.

In 2010, the city issued a request for proposal for the purchase and deployment of a new fleet management software application, to which six companies responded. Two companies were interviewed and the City selected AssetWorks’ application.