GREELEY, CO - With funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, on Jan. 26, Northern Colorado Clean Cities, NC Solar Center/North Carolina State University, and Wake Technical Community College (Raleigh, N.C.) hosted an informational workshop on compressed natural gas (CNG) as an alternative transportation fuel. The audience consisted of fleet managers, vehicle technicians, fuel and technology providers, government officials, and the general public.

The CNG workshop featured an opening presentation by Rich Cregar (Wake Technical Community College) on the use of CNG as an alternative transportation fuel. Cregar’s presentation was supported by Wes Bigger’s (FuelTek Conversion Corp.) presentation on CNG technology and information on economic and environmental incentives and resources. Tracy Ochsner, with the City of Fort Collins, also spoke of the City of Fort Collin’s success with the implementation of CNG vehicles; and Barbara Kirkmeyer, Weld County commissioner, discussed Weld County’s Smart Energy Plan, which includes the installation of several CNG fueling stations along the Highway 85 and I25 corridors in northern Colorado.
CNG used in transportation can reduce fuel costs while reducing harmful transportation-related emissions, thus enhancing the environment. In 2009, Northern Colorado Clean Cities’ members and stakeholders reduced their petroleum use by 638,000 gasoline gallon equivalents (GGE).