GREENWOOD, MS - The City of Greenwood announced Jan. 24 that it will deploy GPS tracking systems on more than 100 of its fleet vehicles. By installing the FleetMatics GPS tracking system, City department heads will gain the ability to closely monitor fleet vehicles and make operational adjustments to optimize fleet performance, according to a release from FleetMatics.

Mayor Carolyn McAdams said the City's goal was to increase productivity and reduce fuel costs. "Technology like FleetMatics' GPS tracking gives us the ability to track the exact location of every vehicle in our fleet and provides us with vital data we can use to make government services more productive," she said.

The City will use reports that include data on speed, idling time, mileage, and historical journeys, to eliminate inefficient driving practices to save on fuel usage. The City will also be using the Live Fleet feature that includes Google Maps, which allows the City to pinpoint the exact location of its vehicles in real-time. Dispatchers know when a vehicle is started up, in motion, and shut down, according to the release.