BUFFALO, NY - The entire snowplow fleet at City of Buffalo is now connected with a global positioning system. The GPS units transmit key information to a new operations center being set up at the City's garage. Supervisors can pinpoint the location of all trucks, detect speed, determine whether plows are being used, and gauge how much salt is being released, according to The Buffalo News.

The city has been experimenting with the technology for a couple of years and has been activating the GPS units in phases. Public Works Commissioner Steven J. Stepniak said the GPS system should make snow-removal chores more efficient, especially for navigating unfamiliar neighborhoods.

Mayor Byron W. Brown met with public works officials last week for an annual fleet inspection and to review the GPS system. Brown said the city will add two new wing-plow vehicles to the fleet, trucks that can more easily navigate narrow streets. Nine smaller plows will also be updated and used on smaller residential streets.

The city's snow brigade will consist of 67 truck drivers and equipment operators. The fleet includes 56 plows and 16 high-lifts, according to the newspaper.