CAPE CORAL, FL - The City of Cape Coral, Fla., is canceling a take-home vehicle policy for some employees. The policy change is effective Oct. 1, and was made to improve efficiency, as noted in a memo City Manager Gary King sent to department heads and the City Council, reported The News-Press.

The memo stated: "Assigned vehicles will remain at the employee's primary place of work for the express purpose of conducting city business. Any requirement for the employee to report to work for unscheduled or non-routine purposes will be accommodated through the use of standard mileage reimbursement."

There are 19 employees affected by the change, city spokeswoman Connie Barron said. Sworn employees such as police officers will continue to be able to take cars home with them, Barron said.

Mileage information is being collected from the employees that will help calculate the savings later this month, Barron said.

City Councilman Marty McClain will look into whether any of the 19 employees were hired with the commitment that they would have a city vehicle to take home, according to McClain. Another question is whether the city's insurance will protect the city and the worker who responds to an emergency in a personal car, according to the newspaper.