WARREN, MI - City of Warren Mayor Jim Fouts has eliminated take-home vehicles and city-paid cell phones to cut costs, according to the Detroit News.

"Only the appointees who are on 24-hour, 7-day call-in will be allowed to drive a city vehicle home. All vehicles (except for police undercover) will be identified with city insignia and no other appointee will be allowed to drive a car home," Fouts said, according to a June 28 statement.

Fouts also said only certain Warren Police Command Officers in the police department would be able to drive police cars to-and from home but the vehicles, but they must all be marked police cars. Fouts said he ordered the city's negotiation team to work on eliminating take-home vehicles for command officers.

In addition, he said the 15-mile outside-the-city-limits rule for command officers will be strictly enforced and the only city officials who will be permitted to take vehicles home will be those on 24-hour 7-day call. City vehicles will be available to city employees conducting city business during the workday.

Fouts also announced June 30 that all city-paid cell phones for all employees would be eliminated to spare $28,000.

"No longer will city taxpayers pay for any cost of cell phones," Fouts said in a statement, reported Detroit News. "It's a perk that the city can't afford. Employees, however, are still expected to use their cell phones for city business."

The city will subsidize a limited number of work-related calls on personal cell phones, Fouts said, reported the Detroit News.