VINELAND, NJ - Vineland Mayor Robert Romano is being scrutinized for using a city-owned sports car as his everyday, official vehicle, according to The Daily Journal.

More than a thousand respondents to The Daily Journal's online survey were evenly divided on whether the mayor should have exclusive use of the black, 2010 Dodge Charger SXT, which was purchased using early $20,000 in police department funds.

Comments posted online on The Daily Journal's Web site were just as divided.

"I don't think it is a big deal," a reader wrote. "He is our mayor. The vehicle was already purchased ... The waste would be purchasing a vehicle that no one uses."

"Get over it people," another person wrote. "With rank comes privilege."

Others were outraged by the mayor's actions, reported the Journal.

"Both positions, mayor and public safety director, are part-time positions," a forum participant wrote. "Neither one of these positions in the past has ever required a city vehicle."

"Why are we taking unnecessary expenses?" a forum participant wanted to know, such as spending $20,000 to purchase the car in the first place and the yearly cost of insuring it. Questions about
possible liability if the mayor got in an accident in the vehicle were raised. Would the city's taxpayers
have to pay?

According to the Journal, the mayor should get paid mileage for his travels on city business, driving his own vehicle, rather than appropriating a car for himself.