WACO, TX - OEM Data Delivery (OEM DD), a developer of technology tools for managing worksites and high-value equipment, and Versalift East, a manufacturer of aerial devices and trailers, have announced an alliance designed to benefit buyers of aerial equipment who want GPS capabilities as part of their equipment package. The alliance calls for Versalift to distribute, and install as part of its manufacturing process, the OEM DD ST-900 Service Tracker.

The ST-900 is a compact, powerful tracking instrument designed for heavy service environments.  It captures detailed work and idle hour logs, and provides a proven way to manage high-value assets, monitor equipment activity, and prevent theft. It is wireless, paperless and "hands-free." The ST-900 is a versatile, economical alternative to traditional GPS devices.  It is unique in that it provides true cellular capabilities without the high fees that typically accompany cellular devices. 

The announcement was made jointly, by Sam Simons, director of business development for OEM DD and Keith Joseph, president of Versalift East.

Says Mr. Joseph, "We believe we've gained an important competitive advantage with this integrated program.  Our customers want cellular capability, but often balk at the exorbitant ongoing fees. The ST-900 gives them the information and tracking capabilities they want, without the monthly sticker shock."

The ST-900 offers the additional benefit of tracking PTO (Power Take-Off), so that credits can be obtained quickly for fuel used at the worksite, as opposed to on-highway.  All states, and Washington D.C, allow substantial tax rebates for PTO operation if properly documented.

Versalift will provide single-source responsibility for the ST-900; both companies will assist with worker training, which typically requires just a few hours.

The ST-900 Service Tracker received the Construction Equipment "Top 100 Products Award" for 2009.

For more information, contact OEM Data Delivery, 10 Controls Drive, Shelton, CT 06484.   203.929.8431  www.oemdd.com or Versalift East, LLC.  2706 Brodhead Road Bethlehem, PA 18020.  610-866-1400  www.versalifteast.com.