ATTLEBORO, MA - Despite limited capital, Attleboro, Mass., city councilors plan to urge Mayor Kevin Dumas to start replacing an aging fleet of vehicles in the public works department, reports The Sun Chronicle.

Councilors said they want to work with the administration to find a way to buy at least three vehicles a year to start replacing a DPW fleet in which many trucks are 15 to 30 years old. Some are falling apart, including a 30-year-old sander that had to have a new floor welded in place to cover holes caused by rust, they said.

Another vehicle, a 1989 truck that was at the scene of an explosion which killed two city workers in 1998, caught fire last weekend and was damaged beyond repair, councilors said.

Council president Frank Cook said the city needs to develop a vehicle replacement schedule to avoid a situation in which a large number of vehicles wear out at once.

Councilors are also backing improvements expected to pay for themselves or which are donated, according to The Sun Chronicle.