WEST SENECA, NY - West Seneca Police Chief Edward Gehen's personal use of a town-owned vehicle has prompted discussion on creating a detailed policy for take-home vehicles, according to The Buffalo News.

Gehen, who has had full-time use of the car since he became chief in 2001, is now being told by Councilman Dale Clarke that he should reimburse the town for gas used on his unmarked Crown Victoria driven for non-work purposes.

Gehen said he had been told by the prior administration there were no restrictions to using the vehicle and sees no reason to pay for gas he's used, reported the Buffalo News.

Take-home vehicles are issued to the police chief, highway superintendent, recreation director, town engineer, emergency services coordinator and assistant emergency services coordinator. Former Town Supervisor Paul Clark used a town car, but Town Supervisor Wallace Piotrowski declined the vehicle.

The Town Board each year adopts a measure banning unauthorized personal use of town vehicles, but Piotrowski said a more detailed policy is needed, the Buffalo News reported.