IRVING, TX - With a number of employees retiring and/or leaving the City, the City of Irving has shifted a number of responsibilities shifted that affect the city fleet, reported the Dallas News.

Jonathon Bazan, assistant director of intergovernmental services, now oversees animal services, legislative matters, fleet management, and franchises. Previously, Chris Hooper oversaw fuel management, fleet management, and inventory operations, as government services director.

Hooper has been assigned as Housing and Human Services director, reporting directly to Police Chief Larry Boyd. Hooper's government services director position will not be refilled.

Ramiro Lopez, who was director of intergovernmental services, is now director of intergovernmental services and public works. He now directly oversees fuel management, inventory operations, and contract management.

Public Works and Transportation Director Jim Cline, who reported directly to Gonzalez as public works director, now reports up through Lopez. He also no longer oversees the water utilities or major transportation projects divisions, reported the Dallas News.