PRINCETON, NJ - A growing number of fleet professionals have demonstrated their knowledge of the fleet industry. The following public sector fleet employees are among the latest Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) graduates announced by NAFA Fleet Management Association.

Lawrence Anstee, support services supervisor for Palm Beach County, Fla. Anstee has 32 years of experience in the fleet industry as an auto technican, heavy equipment technician, and vehicle management. In his current position, he is responsible for the specification and purchase of county vehicles and equipment in the replacement policy for the fleet management division. Anstee is the chapter chair of NAFA's Sunshine State Chapter. An active member of NAFA since 1998, he has previously served as past vice-chair and chapter secretary. "The prestige of accomplishment to a highly esteemed designation is very rewarding to your career," said Anstee.

Amy Catalano, fleet manager for Utility Shared Services in Ontario, N.Y. Catalano has three years of experience in the fleet industry as a fleet manager. She chose to enter the CAFM program to learn more about fleet management, earn more credibility, and be able to network with other fleet managers throughout North America.  In addition to her CAFM, she has also earned CSME certification from the North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI).

Frederick Chun, fleet services manager for the City of Tacoma, Wa. Chun has 20 years of experience in the fleet industry as a fleet manager, vehicle maintenance manager, and bus operations/maintenance manager.  His duties include managing the City's general government fleet of 1,400 vehicles and equipment. Chun's department is comprised of 50 employees who are responsible for procurement, repairs, maintenance, fuel supply, and material management. Chun, a member of NAFA's Puget Sound Chapter, joined the association in 2006 and has been involved in the Chapter's Program Committee.

John Croop, mechanic/assistant fleet manager for the Geauga County Sheriff's Office in Chardon, Ohio. Croop has 14 years of experience in the fleet industry.  His duties include performing, scheduling, and overseeing the parts and service operations for a fleet of 80 vehicles. In addition, he also performs the services for an additional 75 vehicles for various counties and municipalities.  Croop, a member of NAFA's Michigan Chapter, joined the association in 2001. "The education obtained is a very valuable aspect of certification," said Croop.  "Becoming certified as a CAFM sets the bar and the standard for fleet managers."

Jason Hicks, fleet analyst for Turlock Irrigation District of Turlock, Calif. Hicks has six years of experience in the fleet industry. His duties include fleet analysis, GPS/telematics administration, support services (parts, fuels, lubes, and tires) along with vehicle purchasing, spec writing, and acting as interim manager for the fleet division manager in his absence. He has been an active member of NAFA Fleet Management Association since 2003, participating in the I&E Curriculum and Fuels & Technology Committees, and has also served as Treasurer of the San Francisco Chapter. "The knowledge gained being placed into practice at work was exciting for me!" said Hicks.

Kenneth Johnson, fleet superintendent for the City of Albany, Ga. Johnson has 22 years of experience in the fleet industry as a mechanic, general supervisor, and superintendent. In his current position, he is responsible for the purchasing, specifications, and maintenance of over 800 vehicles and maintains two fueling sites. Johnson, who joined NAFA in 2002, is a member of the Atlanta Chapter. "The process is very in-depth," said Johnson.  "Answers are not given, they have to be researched."

Steve Kmiotek, inventory control manager for the Ohio Lottery Commission. Kmiotek has 18 years of experience in the fleet industry. His duties include working with the following departments: inventory control, vehicles, office services, mail center, and warehousing/distribution.  He has been a member of NAFA's Michigan Chapter since 2007. "(It's an) intense and disciplined approach to fleet operations which benefits both the participant and, ultimately, the company's bottom line," said Kmiotek.

Christopher Lyon, assistant to the manager of Fleet Services for the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County in Lombard, Ill. Lyon has 7 years of experience in the fleet industry. His duties include research and procurement of all capital vehicle and equipment purchases, administration and maintenance of a fleet information system, disposal of surplus equipment, and promotion of the District's alternative fuel program. In addition to his CAFM designation, Lyon has a B.S. in Business Administration and Minor in Information Systems, and holds a Certificate in Geographic Information Systems. Lyon joined NAFA in 2007 and is a member of the Chicago Chapter. "This program really taught me to think spatially when it comes to purchasing, disposing, and evaluating the true life cycle cost of equipment," said Lyon.  "The CAFM certification is a well-rounded experience that encompasses a wide range of activities for fleet administration."

Robert Polka, director of fleet services for Utility Shared Services in Rochester, N.Y. Polka has 28 years of experience in the fleet industry in positions ranging from mechanic to director. In addition to his CAFM designation, Polka holds ASE master technican, CTP, and CDME certifications. He has been a member of NAFA since 1996 and belongs to the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter. He pursued his CAFM certification to gain more industry recognition for his skills and knowledge.

Susan Raney, director - enterprise fleet management for the Texas Health & Human Services Commission. Raney has 11 years of experience in the fleet industry.  She is the Director of the Health & Human Service Commission's Enterprise Fleet Management Office, which provides oversight and fleet management services to four agencies. The Health & Human Service's fleet consists of over 1,600 vehicles and includes sedans, minivans, full-size vans, trucks, tractor trucks, and buses.  She joined NAFA in 2007 and is a member of the Southwest Chapter. "I felt that having the certification would benefit me and give my agency's management added confidence in my ability to manage its vehicle fleet," said Raney. "Once you have been successful in passing all eight modules, you have a huge sense of accomplishment!"

Charles Stang, fleet administrator for the State of Ohio. Stang pursued his CAFM designation to get a better understanding of fleet management. He joined NAFA and became part of the fleet industry in 2007 and now administers a fleet of more than 12,000 vehicles throughout 48 state agencies. His duties include setting policy and oversight of all acquisitions. The Office of Fleet Management has exclusive control of the entire state fleet. Stang is a member of the Tri-State Chapter. "The CAFM program is very thorough," said Stang. "I have recommended the program to other states as well as to state universities in Ohio."

John York, fleet manager for the Ohio Department of Commerce. York has 14 years of experience in the fleet industry. He is responsible for all aspects of maintaining a fleet of 380 vehicles, vehicle purchases, salvaging and approving/maintenance. York is also the telecommunications manager for the department.  He joined NAFA in 2006 and is a member of the Tri-State Chapter. "The program was much tougher than I thought it would be," said York.  "I had many correspondence courses while in the military and the CAFM was by far the most difficult. The State of Ohio now requires a fleet manager of a fleet greater than 100 to be a CAFM; however, once I started the program I realized how beneficial it could be for your career."

Nearly 500 fleet managers have joined the exclusive ranks of CAFM graduates. Graduates will be honored for his achievement at NAFA's 2010 Institute and Expo in Detroit this upcoming April. More information on the CAFM program and the CAFS program is available at