DALLAS - A Dallas Chrysler dealer is offering a custom "special service" version of the re-introduced Dodge Challenger muscle car for patrol, according to POLICE Magazine.

The vehicle offers a custom-tuned V-8 engine capable of more than 400 hp, making it the most powerful patrol car available, and can reach a top speed of 165 mph, reported POLICE.

Features include a custom LED light kit, black OEM wheels to complement a custom "push" bumper and trunk tray, single or dual spotlights for increased visibility during searches, and an electronic shotgun lock for securing a duty weapon.

Technological additions include a Digital Ally DVM-500 in-car camera and video system, as well as a Kustom Signals directional radar system that allows officers to track speeders using an infrared (IR) remote.

The vehicle became available this fall, due to new corporate leadership at Chrysler, Bert Stull, government sales director at Group 1, tells POLICE. New senior manager Mitch Mitchell green-lighted the availability of the Challenger R/T, where earlier executives had denied Stull's request. Stull then began polling agencies about what they wanted.

So far, Stull has sold two of the vehicles and received additional interest after bringing it to a police trade show this fall. "While there is always someone who can put a light bar on the roof of any vehicle, we feel that we have addressed most of our customers' concerns [including] the availability of spotlights, gun and trunk space issues that have been questioned in the past," he said.

Interested law enforcement agencies can add the 2010 Challenger DDSSV-27M to their fleet by contacting Group 1 Automotive's Dallas Dodge Chrysler Jeep.