PHOENIX - A recent audit of Maricopa County revealed county officials have failed to closely oversee their fleet of 2,506 vehicles worth $83.4 million -  increasing the risk of theft, misuse, and inaccurate financial reporting, according to The Arizona Republic.

The audit, which reviewed data from 2006 through 2008, found vehicles were not being tracked consistently. However, all vehicles were accounted for, and auditors found no evidence of misuse, reported the Republic.

Top county leaders said they are working to develop policies to better monitor the fleet and safeguard vehicles from theft and abuse. County budget officials are also tuning up policies on take-home cars, which for years have been loosely regulated, reported the Republic.

At least 309 county workers and sheriff's deputies are allowed to take home government cars nightly, according to the Republic. Until recently, officials didn't know how many take-home vehicles were being used.