ALBANY, GA - Keith Wingate, a city engineer employee for the City of Albany, was recently reprimanded by city officials for violating a city vehicle policy, according to WALB News. 

Wingate admitted he drove a city vehicle to his private job sites on his lunch hour, reported WALB.

Although it happened in 2002, Wingate was reprimanded just last week after the violation came out in a civil suit filed against him by a client of his business, the WALB reported.

The city has an extensive 18-page vehicle policy spelling out driver responsibilities, including vehicle maintenance, eight different authorized uses for the vehicle, and 12 unauthorized uses including using a vehicle for private business.

The civil action threatened against Keith Wingate has not yet been formally filed, according to WALB.

Wingate reportedly hasn't used a city vehicle for more than a year, city officials told WALB.