JEFFERSONVILLE, IN – The New Albany Police Department will purchase eight new vehicles using the city's riverboat fund, according to the Evening News and Tribune. An appropriation of $200,000 for the purchases was approved by the New Albany City Council May 21, though not all council members approved the decision. Councilmen Jeff Gahan and Steve Price voted against the measure.

Price moved for a reduced total of four cars, but his amendment failed to pass. He said with the fire and street departments in need of equipment that could be funded through the riverboat account, eight cars were too many.
"I want to spread it around," Price said of the riverboat funds. He added that with the city's current take-home car policy, police cruisers are being burnt out with excess mileage accrued by officers using their vehicles for personal trips or just to drive outside the New Albany limits home, reported the Tribune.

Police Chief Greg Crabtree said the more than 14 cars in the department's fleet with 100,000 miles or more pose a risk for those operating them, according to the Tribune.