CLARKSVILLE, IN – Clarksville Redevelopment Director Rick Dickman was arrested by Indiana State Police April 28 for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. To make matters worse, he was in a town-owned vehicle at the time of the arrest, driving on a suspended license without proper registration, reported The Evening News & The Tribune.

Asked about the incident, Dickman, 49, said it was "obviously a lapse in judgment on my part."

He said he had three beers at Buckhead during a meeting on the city's redevelopment along Clarksville's Eastern Boulevard. Near the exit at Lewis and Clark Parkway, he said he noticed several police cars pulling another motorist to the side of the road. Police pulled Dickman over when he changed lanes without signaling to maneuver around the police cars.

State police would not release the results of the breath alcohol test Dickman took on the side of the road, although Dickman reportedly said his blood alcohol level was 0.09 - one-tenth above the legal limit.

Dickman was driving a Clarksville-owned 2008 Ford Edge when arrested. It was improperly registered, as Dickman had put a tag for another vehicle onto the Ford Edge. He said he had meant to get the vehicle properly registered, but had yet to fill out the necessary paperwork. He put the improper tag onto the Edge temporarily.

Additionally, he said he didn't realize that his license had been suspended until the time of the arrest.

Dickman explained that another vehicle he owns was hit in a parking lot. As a result of that incident, his insurance company was supposed to send the State of Indiana verification that he had an insurance policy. It never did, and the license was suspended for that reason, he said.

Dickman was released about 7:30 a.m. April 29, according to jail records, and was back at work later in the day.