ST. PAUL, MN – Designed for low-profile lightbars on police cars and other emergency vehicles, the new Opticom Infrared System Series 795H Low-Profile LED Emitter from Global Traffic Technologies (GTT) is the industry's first LED emitter and offers several important advantages, according to the company.

GTT's patented technology ensures this new emitter is fully compatible with all existing Opticom Infrared System equipment, ideally sized for low-profile lightbars, which are becoming standard equipment on many law-enforcement vehicles.

Compared with previous Opticom infrared emitter models, innovative LED technology reduces power consumption by more than 80 percent.  This provides customers with more flexibility in outfitting their vehicles with other electronic equipment.

Along with its low-profile size, this new LED emitter offers performance enhancements including superior longevity compared with conventional incandescent strobe emitters.  The new emitter installs easily inside most lightbars. 

 "We're pleased to further GTT's market leadership with a new product our customers have been asking for," states Thomas Chang, business development manager at GTT.  "This new emitter is already being very well-received in the market, generating interest and excitement across the country."  GTT is selling the new 795H emitter through most major lightbar manufacturers. 

All Opticom emergency-vehicle preemption systems help improve traffic safety at intersections, while also lowering the overall emergency-response time. Coding capability can reduce the risk of unauthorized users while also providing enhanced vehicle tracking and reporting capabilities.


About Global Traffic Technologies, LLC

Headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., Global Traffic Technologies' mission is to improve traffic management and safety around the world with proven technologies and continuous innovation. GTT's Opticom GPS and Infrared Systems assist the movement of emergency and mass transit vehicles through signal-controlled intersections to save lives and optimize on-schedule service. GTT's Canoga Traffic Sensing System provides reliable, real-time information on individual vehicles and traffic patterns to assist traffic management professionals. GTT was formed in June 2007 from 3M's Opticom Priority Control Systems and Canoga Traffic Detection businesses. GTT is a privately held company that includes senior management ownership. The company's Web site is