TORRANCE, CA How successful are individuals trying to reach public sector fleet managers by phone? To find out, Government Fleet randomly called 40 fleet managers, and was able to speak directly to 7. The rest went to voicemail. Hearing a voicemail after two rings was the most common result.

Wayne Corum Director, Equipment Services for the City of Ft. Worth, Texas, was one of the fleet managers who answered his phone after just two rings. Asked about his quick pickup, he said, "I generally pickup anytime my direct line rings."

Voicemail immediately (0 rings): 1

Voicemail after 1 ring: 5

Voicemail after 2 rings: 1

Voicemail after 3 rings: 2

Voicemail after 4 rings: 12

Voicemail after 5 rings or more: 14

Operator forwards to phone, then voicemail: 8

Operator forwards to phone, then answer: 1

1 ring, answer: 3

2 rings, answer: 3